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Lily of the Valley App Icon Set | May 2023


This icon set's wallpaper was inspired by a Lily of the Valley artwork by the beautiful artist @veetelier. Please check her out on Instagram and Twitter

Customize your iPhone or Android Phone with some hand-drawn App Icons, Widgets and Wallpapers to your Home Screen! This App Icon Bundle creates a whole new look of your device with little kittens featuring the Lily of the Valley flower.

An easy to understand Installation Guide with Images is included and you're welcome to reach out for help anytime!


🌼 62 x Unique Icons (Previews available as shown)
🐱 Each icon comes in 5 Shades and Transparent Variations!
🌼 Each icon can also be used as a WIDGET
🐱 Wallpaper- Illustrated & Plain
🌼 Tutorials for IOS, Android & code for Handytheme