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Commission Info


CURRENT COMMISSION STATUS: CLOSED - no waitlist available. Please don't send enquiries I'm not taking them and all available information is below.


My pricing is all in USD and I accept payment via Paypal/Stripe or an organized EFT transaction.

I charge an hourly based fee of $45 per hour of work. My average time on a piece is about 3-4 hours so please expect all commissions to be $135.00+

My prices are also SEASONAL: this means that they may increase during busy months (though unlikely as I would rather turn people down during this) or decrease during periods where I am more free and want to draw commissions. 

Sometimes I do special offers for holidays like valentines commissions etc. Those are only available during that time and will be advertised on my social media.

COMMERCIAL ENQUIRIES: Please contact me directly to discuss, I charge differently when it comes to commercial purposes and usually have a surcharge for this. The amount will depend on what you want and what you'll be using my work for.

Please note I do NOT take commissions for icon packs.


I am not currently accepting commissions. I will open them again when I have enough time to after my current projects.

If I approve of your commission request I'll work on a sketch/rough draft that you'll be able to help me adjust to your liking. After that I'll ask for payment prior to continuing and completing the final product. I also offer prints or stickers for the final product! We can discuss that if you are interested.