What is a preorder item?
"When pre-ordering this means you are purchasing an item that has not yet been produced. It is essentially reserving the item in advance before it is in-stock. Preordered items will not ship immediately and can take several weeks to months to be produced, quality checked and then shipped out. This helps for me to adjust and order an appropriate amount of the items so satisfy all customers and also fund larger production numbers.

What is the status of my preordered item?
Before emailing about your order, please check out the status of Pre-Order items below or on my social media for immediate updates.

Current Status for Pumpkin Kitty Plushies
30/10 - Production Finalizing
31/10 - Pre-order Starts

Jan 2023- Plushies received in US

15/02/23 - Plushies shipped out, final batch to dispatch on 24th February!

What are your return/refund policies?
All sales are final and we do not offer any refunds, returns, or exchanges. If your item was damaged upon arrival or you received the wrong item, please email us at cremechii@gmail.com with your full name, order number, and photos of the order within 10 days of delivery so that we can sort the issue out for you!

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, shipping is worldwide! However, the customer is responsible for any custom fees, VAT, duties, and/or taxes that may incur. All shipments also will receive tracking information. 

However we currently are not shipping to Germany! There have been changes to the requirements for parcels going to Germany, should you wish to buy a plush please kindly wait until they are released on Etsy after pre-orders are filled.

What shipping options do you offer?
To ensure that all customers receive their packages safely, we use USPS First Class shipping for all domestic packages and USPS First Class International for all international packages. Tracking comes included with each order and you will be notified of your tracking number via email once the package has been shipped.

Can I edit your art?
Absolutely NOT, I don't feel comfortable with edits or drawing over my work, especially because so far everyone who did has removed my watermark.

I have an Etsy order/Patreon question.
Please don't email me about these, your messages get filtered into folders so please try to message on Etsy or Patreon instead!